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You will find thousands of photos of fancy double deckers of all sorts, styles and shapes from my hometown - Hong Kong, a special political administrative region part of China. With a long history of being dominated by the British as a colony dating back to the late 19th century, the influence of the British Empire exerted a tremendous impact on the development of Hong Kong over the past century. One of the most notable example of such is the public transit system in Hong Kong, a tiny urban centre compared to many other renowned major urban hubs around the world, where over 8000 British, German and Swedish double deckers roam through the streets everyday - buses manufactured by many reputable British manufacturers can be found in Hong Kong, familiar names such as AEC, Daimler, Leyland, MCW, Alexander-Dennis are not strangers to local enthusiasts at all! Towards the late-20th century / 21st century, buses manufactured in other parts of Europe were gradually introduced, by manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Scania, MAN, Neoplan, which have all became some of the most recent popularized names within Hong Kong's transit industry. The result of importing buses from abroad the world is a beautiful, diversed galore of buses crafted by different designers with different cultural and ethnic background from different parts of the world, which I am proud to present a comprehensive collection of photos for the delights of your experience!
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