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On November 14th, 2009, at high noon, a group of about fifteen transit enthusiasts, hailing from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, boarded ETS #722, a 1977 GMC T6H-5307N, at 142nd Street and 118th Avenue. It wasn't a route 3, though. A month previously, local enthusiast Martin Parsons had suggested chartering one of these GMC "Fishbowl" buses for a fan trip, in light of the fact that the buses that had served ETS for 49 of the 50 years since their production began would be gone by the end of the year. With some assistance from others, Martin planned a 6 hour tour of ETS routes so that enthusiasts might have one last chance to photograph a Fishbowl at various points in the system. Trans-Continental's George Prior and David Lam both attended.
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