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On March 30th, 2014, a group of Taipei bus fans chartered a bus from MTC to take them around the city, stopping at various depots and bus terminals along the way to pose for photos displaying routes currently and formerly served by this series of buses. With the retirement of the last of the full high-floor Isuzus at the end of 2013, the last of the Isuzu LT134P buses are due to be retired before the end of 2014. These buses are unique in that they are partially low floor, with only one step at each door threshold, though they are not wheelchair accessible. They were also the last full-sized buses to be delivered in MTC's orange and cream colour scheme (notwithstanding a few Fuso Rosa minibuses in 2008) before the 2010 unveiling of the green "Flora" scheme that served in part to promote the 2011 Taipei International Flora Expo.
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